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I got 20 MPG today

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My 289 3 speed with a 2.73 rear got an average of 20 mpg today when I took my 400 mile trip.  Most of that was 70-80 MPh freeway speeds, but a lot of it was in town stop and go too.  About the last 100 miles was the best that old girl has ever run.  I guess it just takes a stretching of the legs every now and again to keep these old dinosaurs running at their best.  Ol' Yeller is the best running original 1965 289 coupe on this planet, bar none.  :)

I have had my baby for three years now and still collectivly don't have 50 miles on her yet, that blows, I KNOW

now just imagine if you have t5 swap glen you might be near the 30mpg mark

A  T5 would be nice, but would take a bunch of miles before paying for itself.  I'm kinda thinking about getting a small beater pickup with a 4 banger in it, and only drive the 65 on weekends. 
BTW, Ron Paul threw in the towel yeasterday.  One of the things he said that sorta surprised me was that he never really considered himself a real candidate, but that he wanted to get the word out.  He also said he wouldn't support McCain. 

yeah i know he did, but he still has nearly 5 million dollars to support true republican candidates across the country. he is also throwing a gigantic republican convention right next door to the National GOP convention


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