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I found a motor and thinking about putting it in

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I found a 429 thunderjet motor and trans for 500 bucks. Im thinking about putting it in. I have found a complete motor mount kit for around 400. so the question is should I or not. since the some would like to keep things stock and origanl but since I have already changed so much metal in the car so that value is not there but as a restro rod it will be...

500 bucks for a 429 thunderjet motor sounds like a great deal. It also sounds very interesting to have it installed in your car. You will have much more potential to get extra horse power as you upgrade it in the future.
If the metal replaced on your car was done correctly there is no reason the value would suffer from it.
Why don't you keep the stock engine and other parts you may replace? This way if one day you decide to sell the car you can have it back to original.
Today modified classic Mustangs when done with good taste and good components can be sold for big bucks and most of the time much more than a stock Mustang.
The chioice is yours but keep us informed about your plans and I hope you will turn your beast into a monster.

Firt and foremost you shouldn't put that motor in there you should give it to me you wouldn't like it it would make your car run slow and you wouldn't be happy at all,lol. Yeah bro hook it up that motor would be tha bomb but if you want I will take it off your hands. STANGOUT

well if your nice I might give you 3 car lengths head start for the race you want sooooo

or I could sell you my cleveland that has only 88k miles with the brand new Edlelbrock manifold and 600 cfm carb that has never had gas ran through it ooh yeah it will also come with hedman headers

Jerry Baker:
How much you want for this motor? does it have a tranny?

The wife has a 429 in her car but it seems like its seen its last days. I would fix it but they board it to the max and did what seems to be so much wrong things to it.  So we are looking for a 429 or something else.


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