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I found a motor and thinking about putting it in

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351 cleveland 2v well i have no idea what a fair price for does have a fresh fmx trans that will come with it. there is about a $425 worth of edelbrock 600 cfm carb and intake manifold that has never had gas run through it, well ou have seen pics of it on here

The 429 is bone stock with a c6 trans and a friend is selling it for 500

Buy it bro and if you really want to sell that intake and header and stuff let me know how much and I will have to see if I can get someone up there to take it off you hands. STANG OUT

What ?? Are you nuts ?? Who would do such a thing ???  Oh , wait a sec.   I did .. OOOPS sorry . Hey if you need some advice . Let me know. Be happy to help.

Im putting the cleveland on ebay tonight  anyone wanna shoot me an offer just pm me..

the engine swopp should be no problem I will post picks of every step and gomer  thats a sick fox body you have

Jerry Baker:
I want to know more about this 429 thunderbolt.  I never heard of a thunderbolt.

But I love the big blocks.  I know you remeber me talking about the wifes 429 not running right.  Well we are going to pull it and put the extra 429 I have in the barn in it after a new rebuild.


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