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I found a motor and thinking about putting it in

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Oh ,,do i have a cam for you. I just put this one in, Ford Motor Sport  M -6250-C 460 . I got it from summit.  I wanted to stay hydralic. I went with RHODES lifters . They sound like solids at an idle. Realy nice lump. No vac for power brakes,,  but you won't be fitting in a boster anyway.  Now for the heads,  measure them   you want at least 2.190 on intake , 1.76 on exhaust. If you can aford it ,, pocket port and unshroud valves. This well give you the most BANG for you're buck. And a so, so C6 will handle this much power. With a shift kit. Can't think of much else . But feel free to ask anything else.

Dude if you dont buy it lt me know i need a new toy

hey brad how  are you. Anyway Ive torn down the motor totally. I need to get new rods, they have the pressed pins so I need foating one. If you have any laying around Gomer let me know Ill buy them. Ive just orderd Kieth Black hypersomething pistons. My brother in Minnesota is building it for me Im just sending him the parts.

I dont have any x-tra parts , cept a solid roller cam and lifters. X-tra parts broke. :-D .And 2 blocks. Some heads, but i am saving them to build a blower motor. This winter i hope.

i had a 460 bought for 200 but i found out it was 850 for the kit toput it in nah


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