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I could use some advice on this Mustang

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I met a guy who has a 1998 automatic Mustang GT. He bought it in California and brought it back to BC but it has been sitting for 2.5 years. He has 3 huge dogs and therefore uses a van now instead of driving this car. He is busy and doesn't want to deal with the car. He is willing to sell it to me at a low price so that he doesn't have to deal with washing it (it is white but is turning quite green from sitting there) and putting in a new battery and getting new tires. He also wanted to drain the gas tank and change the oil before running it again. He says there was nothing wrong with it but he never did the paperwork to import it into Canada. I have yet to see it run or drive it. Obviously running it or driving it could change my mind on buying it. Here a few questions maybe someone could help answer:
1. What things should I look for that could be wrong with it from sitting?
2. What things commonly go wrong with these years of cars?
3. I was going to drain the oil and fuel and put in new before running it so,
     a) how do I drain the fuel, is it fairly easy?
     b) Is there anything else that I should do first also?
4. The rings could be pretty dried out from sitting so long, is there anything I can do to help that situation or should I just run it and take it easy for a while?

The idea behind buying this car is that there is not sense in it sitting there longer gathering algea and the seller knows it, so he would rather sell it for a low price than deal with all this.

Any help would be appreciated a lot.


Get the paperwork straightened out first, otherwise you will have a white with a greenish tint, parts car.

I absolutely agree with Jim regarding the paperwork before you buy it, but you are kinda in a pickle that you are not able to drive it before buying it.  The car belongs to the owner, and it would be his responsibility to get it running first.  Not yours.  I would pass......

I wouldn't buy it before driving it. I agree that just seems foolish. Do you think it will really stay very green tinted?

Since white is such a light color, if it gets the algae into the paint, it will be very difficult to get it out without removing a lot of the layer of paint.  Remember, that back then they didh't apply clear coat over the paint.  You are looking at a new paint job along with all the mechanical fixes. Run, don't walk. 


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