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I could use some advice on this Mustang

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1998 is only 11 years ago... no clear coat?

Oh, I'm sorry.  I didn't notice the year.  Yeah the car has clearcoat, and may not need anything buy a good cleaner applied. 

yeah it's funny actually a buddy of mine who works at an auto parts store told me yesterday he sells a cleaner specifically for algea on cars. Can anyone answer the other questions I had about the first time starting it up? Any ideas?

1.  rust, water in the gas tank from condensation, rats have eaten wiring.

2.  Nothing different than any other 20 year old car

3.  See if the tank has a plug on the botto, if not, and the sending unit is on the bottom of the tank, take that out.  If not then just siphon it out. 

Yeah sending unit sounds like a good idea, I'll look for that. Thanks for the help. It's a 10 year old car btw.

Is there much interest in automatic transmissions with these cars? I personally would not want one, but how about other ppl?


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