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I am back


What happened I leave and no ones wants to posts anymore? I haven't been getting much emails saying there were posts but I guess that is what happens when you have a crappy email account,lol. I was wonder if anyone knew if the gear boxes for the mustangs in the 71 to 73 models all came with the opition to put power sterring on it or if I had to get a new box. Hey Jerry and race what is up with you guys nad don't think I for got about you Thierry. I hope everything is going well for you guys.

 I have been trainning the privates and wow if you guys only knew what the new basic trainning had come to even since I went threw three years ago. I have been dreaming alot of what I want to do when I get my girl up here in KY with me and everyday I think of something new. Oh jerry before I forget Mr. Burden called me about the T-shirt order and I reset my phone without saving her number so if you talk to Marty tell him I am not blowing him or his wife off but I don't have the number and That I would like two xl tees and to small ones for my kids if that is possible. Thanks and keep in touch. 73's are the best, lol. STANG OUT.

as for power sterring mine came with it. as foar as I know its standard. welcome back, so you have fun with the "boots", FNG'S. he he he. Nice article I have one you might enjoy I should sent it too you. The reason I havent been on here is becuase if night classes. algebra man that class sucks. I send that article via pm

Nice to see you back Rentascout.
With the nice summer weather people must be out instead of playing with their computers.
I am on holidays in France since early june so that's why there is not much updates on the site but I'll be back home soon and I will try to get some work done here.
Thanks for the article you submited. Now I know why french people live the longest with so many topless ladies on the beaches  :lol:
Anything you want to share with others Racedraper? :-D

the 71-73 mustangs have a gm type saginaw gear box. you either have a ps with integral assist or a ms box without. i believe the ms box is very desirable. but if you want convert it your gonna need the box,pressure hose, return line, pump and the brackets and pulleys for ps setup

but imho it would be more desirable for a dd to have the ms no leaks and no noise from a pump :P

   Does the PS have a big nose problem or just the norm. I got the box, hose and pump (Everything) for about 100. Ebay is my friend,  I know the box itself is about 400 brand new, and If the box is bad, (which it truns good) then I can reapir the inside for about 50 dollars which is still way cheaper then the new ones. The pump and hoses are also in good working order, one hose not sure if it the out or in hose but has a little weather to it, but I found some on Dallas Mustang.

  I hope it will be pretty easy to hook up but I am not in a big hurry I want to make sure everything works right before I put them in, and I have to get rubber plugs for the firewall and a few gaskets. I hope putting it on is worth it to get that smooth turn, and I know most pullys on a motor take away HP but when your ponies are only pushing 177 HP I am not that worried,lol.

   I want to clear the air while I am on here I have talked bad about Dallas Mustnag in the past due to poor shipping and customer service, but I have been giving the word that I will be hooked up with my next order so more to come on that, trust me you will be the third to hear, with my wife being the first and dallas mustang leading the way.

   If you have any knowledge please feel free to give it thanks


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