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            Okay guys here I go, It has been a long time, and trust me I am sorry. I finally got back from playing in the heat, walking the mountains, and drinking that nasty chi, for the last time. I got my mustang last weekend from my parent's house where it has been there 7 years. I will get some pics uploaded so every one can see. I am sorry to hear about Soaring. Even though we would have it out from time to time he was still very knowledgeable and the man to go to with just about any question.

   I look forward to bouncing ideas off of everyone and seeing what I can do to make this site and the mustang realm a better place to be.


Joe AZ 2 PA:
Welcome back and thanks. . . .  8)

hi..i'm a newbie  here..need help in mustang parts catalogue..

Granite Tile

what parts are you looking for and what year. There are many sites out there, from dallas mustang, summit racing, and a long list. Just let me know

Welcome back Russ.

Thank you for your service.

The pics of my stang are in the Photo Contest from way back, but I should have more soon.  I am upgrading some interior parts and front brakes for the season and should be done early next month if all suppliers can get on the same page.

Good luck and again, glad to have you back.


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