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hydraulic clutch conversion


hello people,
ive got a 90' mustang Gt with a T-5 and I broke the clutch cable pulling out of the movie theater parking lot with my girlfriend a few nights ago :-[ (embarrassing)
can neone point me to a good hydraulic clutch kit??

So far the only kits I've found are for classic mustangs. I'm thinking since its the same ol T-5 trans I can at least get the fork and slave to work in my stang but then I'd have to fab up the master side to the pedal, any ideas?

Try Summit Racing at They show hydraulic components for drag racing. They (and others) also list stronger clutch cable assemblies.

dont be a pu$$y its not that hard to push

Just about any of the mustang parts suppliers have  the billet quadrant firewall adjuster clutch kits with cables and all. 


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