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how to make web page?


Hey guys I am thinking baout making a mach one site but not really sure how hard it is or if I can even do it. If anyone can walk me on to how to start it and any sites that would help would be great. STANG OUT

Thierry helped me do a blog thing and looks like a website.  See if he can help you out.

 Yes like Bossnut says, I launched a service yesterday where members will have the possibility to create their own blog. There is still some testing to do and some bugs to fix, so I didn't announce it yet but if you are interested, send me a private message and I will open one for you.
 You can visit Bossnut's blog or the news section to see how it looks.
 There is other places too where you can create free blogs like or Today with blogs, anyone can have his own space on the web with no need to learn anything. If you can post in a forum, you can post in a blog  :)


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