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HOw to get horsepower out of my 315C


Okay here I go again. I have 351C and want to know where I can go and get information on what little things I can do to get that extra horse out of it like head twicks cam crank and stuff like that.  If anyone knows the secerts hit me up.STANG OUT

if you have the money and know how here is what you want.
this is just for starters

If you can find them you should get aussie head, Australian made , they are the best out there for the cleveland.

If im correct you should be able to get aleast 500 hp wwith just this and should beable to still use pump gas ,well premium atleast with out pinging.Im thinking about going this way if I have to redo mine... I figure about 3 grand it would be a ARSE kicking motor.


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