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how much to restore my 68 mustang coupe


I have a 1968 mustang coupe with a straight body and a 351 Cleveland that needs to be rebuilt. I have already got a bunch of stuff for it including: front and back seats, new floor panels, new trunk panels, and a 16 gallon gas tank for about $1100. I wanna know how much it will cost for the engine rebuild, wiring, and a transmission to fit it. And to get all the engine stuff and wiring to be put in

Joe AZ 2 PA:
Contact a couple of good shops in your area and tell them exactly what your plans are for the car after the rebuild. Cost will depend on what your goals are as for performance and appearance. Same with the type of transmission. They need to know if you're looking for a driver, cruiser, drag racer, road course runner, or show car. You may end up with a couple of shops doing the work since some the do restoration may not do the motor and tranmissions in house and send that type of work out. If they do you loose control on cost and turnaround time. One stop shop is the way to go if you find a good one. Ask around and see who the locals use. Ask them how they rated their experience with that shop and why the would go back. Make a couple of visits to the shop or shops and check out how they work. If its a mess and cluttered with unfinished projects walk away. See if you can find out how many car they have in the shop at one time. Good luck. . . .  8)

Engine rebuild will depend upon whether or not you keep it essentially stock and what is necessary.  Figure 2K on the low end if you do none of the work.  High end is limited only by your wallet and imagination.  Transmissions are similar, though less expensive.  Stock rebuilds are under 750.00 and performance transmissions run 1500-6500.00.  Paint and bodywork are far more expensive than basic mechanical work.  Good luck


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