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How did you meet your own first Mustang ?

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Or what did you encourage to buy your first or next Mustang ?

I always dreamt to own an american muscle car and while reading the ads in a magazine "Top Cars" (for our french readers) I saw a 1969 Mustang coupe for sale. The car was in excellent shape, rust free and freshly imported from California. The only work it needed was a new paint job, seat covers and it had a cracked dashboard. For  a little over $6000.00 I fell immediately in love and after a few phone calls to the owner I took the train for a 5h trip to go see it and drove it back home.
 I kept it for 5 years and never had any problem with it and today, the Mustang is my favorite Muscle car not including the Challengers, Chargers and Barracudas but I don't think they are worth the difference in value so I will always stick up with the Mustangs.
What about you Rouge67?

I'll try to tell you my little story but I'm not sure to speak english well :-? .
[img align=left][/img]When I was teenager I remember I saw my first Mustang, around the '65-67, it was a dark green one. In this time the car had made me turn the eyes. Much later, in 2001, a friend who owned old cars and was the President of a club called "The Wacky race", tells me: "hey, when do you buy a vintage car ?" and I answer: " the only which is in my brain is the Mustang, and espacially a '67 one".[img align=right][/img]
A few weeks later I found a red '67 Mustang ! (US$5000)
But when I scrapped the paint I saw the original color: ... dark moss green !
I say, it's not me who found the car, it's the car which found me!
(Thierry corriges moi si il y a trop d'incompréhension...)

I am sure everone will understand what you mean.


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Thierry wrote:
I am sure everone will understand what you mean.
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Maybe, but I hope to improve my language thru this forum !


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