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  I have wanted to get this going for awhile. I have asked the best motor, mustang, and color. Now I want to find out what you all think the ugliest and best looking piece on a mustang, lets try to be Civil and Respectful.

  I cannot stand the bumper on my 73 , it is ugly and plastic. I also cannot stand the trunks on the mid 80s and ealry 90s and I am not talking about the convertibles, but the LX V6s you know which on I am talking about, I think all of those should have been made a hatchback, same room in the trunk but looks better.


what the notchback body style wins :)  i want one of these so bad

I'm not much into the 74-89 or so Mustang body style.  Too damn boxy imo.  Now, if that sucker can run as fast as it looks like it can, then who cares about the body style. :)

That is true but it is still ugly

 Until recently, I thought this generation of Mustangs was ugly and I hated the profile of the notchback but today when I see a nice one like this, I wish I had bought one instead of a third generation Firebird.
 The notchback shell is also more rigid than a hatchback if you want to race with it.
 I don't know what would be the ugliest part on a Mustang but the ugliest Mustang ever in my opinion would be a Mustang King Cobra II with a T-Top. That's like a poor imitation of the not too bad for the period, Pontiac Transam.


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