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 ;D I thought you were going to say you spend all your money on women.  That's what I did when I was 16.   I chased everything that wore a dress.  8)

i know what your saying i am only 19 so money is always an issue with me and my car, but you should go out and try to get some prices for what you think you want to get done that way you know a rough number and you can put away enough money to get what you want

I worked in a drug store as a soda jerk to help pay for my stuff while I was in high school.  Flipping burgers, or pizzas is pretty good income for a 16 year old.  Once you get that Mustang up to par, you will know it is all yours, and will be extremely proud of it. 

Haha ok I guess ill save up but minimum wage blows hard core especially when insurance is $700 for me every 6 months and ya I don't have to chase women around I got one now and she's not that expensive so I don't have to blow all my money on her :P

Kids! What you pay for one car per year covers my three Mustangs (one 65, two 66s), a 69 VW Baja and my Ford Van. Don't worry, you'll "grow" out of it.


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