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hood pin or new latch?

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OK. I have a new hood that came with my 94 GT. Problem is the new hood will not properly latch. I spent 3 hours trying to get the new hood to latch, adjusting the gap and such. Should I just go to autozone and buy a set of hood pins or get a new latch?

Hood pins won't keep the hood from rattling.  I would try getting a new latch. 

+1 for New Latch, Hood pins are last resort.

honestly i would do both, get the hood latch to work and do the pins

see with the pins anyone can come along at wally world and take them, you go to drive off and whammmm your hood is in your face the windshield is cracked and the roof is dented.

with the latch you get the factory setup(keeps wondering eyes from under your hood

and the back up pins can provide extra safety over the non stock fiberglass hood, from problems like delamination of the latch and hood, outer and inner structures etc

plus with a non stock hood they look cool :) to add the pins just put them where the stock rubber hood bumpers go on the radiator support, first get the hood lined up without the pins then install the pins in the support.

then take a little paint etc something of contrasting color and dab it on the top of the pins lower the hood on to the pins. raise the hood back up, these will be the marks you need to drill into for the proper placement o the pin holes

If the new hood is lined up properly and the latch is working properly, the release from inside the car will keep that engine safe just like a factory hood latch on a factory hood.  The only real reason for a hood pin is for a racing engine, or the cool looking factor, and I don't do the mod shit just to look good.  If it doesn't make the car run or handle better, it ain't going on my car. 


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