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Hi, new user.


Hi all, I've just bought my First Mustang, a 72 Cleveland 351 coup . I'm expecting delivery next week.I've dreamed about owning a Mustang for years but could never afford one, well, untill now. The car isn't in perfect condition but looks clean and drives well although I fully expect to encounter a few problems as time goes by, 33 years is a long time on the road for any car afterall.So I hope you guys won't mind if i bend your ear once in a while.

welcome to the club , I see more and more coupes. have any ??? just read the other post im sure there will be something there if not just ask away.

Congratulations for your new Mustang Dubtom. A car like that in Ireland must be quite rare. If you have any problem, feel free to ask your questions here, we won't mind at all  :-D


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