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First and foremost, glad to be back. The site looks great, like I expected anything less from you brother. I have been busy playing Army training your sons to go and win the War on Terrorism. The battle of training has been well thought out on my part and of course great training has taken place, but with that I am glad to have a break. Of course I am going home to get started on my long overdue project of fixing her for the little time I have.

  I have kind of fell off the radar on the good site to hit up for parts. I bought that seat a long time ago and never opened it after I got back from Iraq, and my dad was going to be a great father, as he has been for all my life and install it on there for me. Well of course the company I bought it from sent me the wrong seat. instead of the black with gray stipes they sent me black with white stripes. A true mishap on both there and my part, but I cannot even remember where I bought it from so now I am stuck wit a seat that I might as well wipe my @ss with, or sell it on old trusty ebay,

  I wanted to get back ion here nad let you know I didnt forget and I will get needing help in the next couple of days. Looking to get that power sterring box and pump on there and maybe buying a new seat. Stand by for more to follow>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> STANG OUT

Glad to see you back Russ and even more to see that you didn't sell your Mach1 ;)
For the seat covers, try to post an ad in the parts section, who knows, someone might be interested.

Well I am glad to say I called NPD where I bought the seat more than 3 years ago, and talked to mark. Come to find out that seat is the correct color for the car, but they are just not the same so I would have to buy the complete set, to make it look right. Anyways Mark took the seat back and gave me store credit, which is sweet.

Glad to see you back Russ.  Now, you can settle down into a real life in the United States. 


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