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help with subframe cons


hey guys, i need help,i got sfc for xmas and want to get em welded in.i have a guy here in vegas who says he's welded sfc in on his lift[regular lift,not drive on lift] is this ok to do? he says as long as the doors and h/b open/close while on the lift it's ok. anyone heard of this?

Yeah, get him to lift it up and open and close the doors.  If they are fine, then go ahead and weld them in.  You will notice a discernable difference in the stiffness of your body after you get them welded in. 

It realy should be on all 4 tires.

Put Comp. Engineering connectors on my 66. If i recall, it was recommended to install them on a drive on lift. The tires must be on the ground. Don't take chances.


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