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Help with Carb? FIXED

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do the step up jets manage fuel from the carb into the intake or fuel in the carb from the reservoirs? 

The rod and jets manage fuel to the intake but, unfortunately, not at idle (sorry, I forgot that these carbs have a dedicated idle circuit that's controlled by the little screws on each side of the carb).

So, are both of those screws adjusted per the Edelbrock manual?  It sounds as though the right (pass) side screw might be all the way in.  If it's adjusted correctly or if you can't get it to work like the manual says, then you could try removing it completely and blowing out the passage with air to see whether that helps.  There could be some debris in there.

Also, just out of curiosity, did it work correctly before you rebuilt it?  I assume you did set the float levels properly when you rebuilt it, right?

Found the issue and it was so simple...  Turns out the hose that goes to the transmission Vacuum Diaphragm was not connected (at the back of the transmission) and it was causing a vacuum leak that was affecting the carb...  Hooked it up and it purrs like it was new...


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