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Help me to choose a salvage ford mustang


Hi everyone! I'm planning to buy a mustang with salvage title, repair it and use as daily driver. Then maybe I'll want to resell it. Do you think I should buy any of these cars? Which would you choose and what concerns the price, how much do you think I should pay maximum for a salvage car, how many percent of its retail value? 

This is just my opinion but honestly, I would not buy any of them.  First of all they're all older used cars and you don't know what they may need after you get the crash damage fixed.  I'm betting that you'll end up putting as much money into the car and the repairs as you would have spent for a solid car in the first place.  And you'll still have a car with a salvage title that will be very hard to sell if you get to that point.

Thank you for your opinion Topless_Horse! Yeah I've read that it might be very hard to resell the car afterwards..


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