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I'v always wanted some American muscle. Fell in love with a mustang recently....

Anyway I have the opportunity to get either a 95k 5 speed, '01 white GT for 6 grand or a Red Cobra '99 for 5450 with like 84k miles.

I think the cobra is a better deal but I think red is a girly color. I really wanted a shiny midnight black or something. What do you guys think?

The Cobra is obviously the best buy.  Personally, I love red on a Mustang.  It makes them look mean. 

Red looks real mean on Mustangs. I'd check out that Cobra. Sounds like a deal if it is in good shape. Just check it out good.

I agee the cobra is a better deal. Probably will hold it's value better. I also agree red is cool!

You can always paint it the color you want. buy the Cobra.


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