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Help me buy my first Mustang


Hey Folks.  For the last five years my daily driver has been a 91 Miata.   Little puss car but I appreciated the 32 MPG.   It now has 195K miles on it and I am good and tired of it.  I want to upgrade to a Mustang GT.  Due to a daughter in college I am looking at the early 2000's because of price.  I found a 2001 GT that seems like it was well taken care of but with 150K miles.  It really drove nice and tight.  Brakes were a bit soft.  Asking price $6500. 

3 questions...Is that a good price?  Can you get 200K miles out of a 4.6 V8? Is the clutch petal supposed to be as hard to push as my old 70 Chevy Pick-up?  That petal will make a man out of at least one of my legs.  Wondering if that is normal.

Thanks for any feedback.


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