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I just bought an 89 5.0 GT convertible a couple of weeks ago with plans to fix up. First I need a new top, looks like the last owner actually tried to install it himself and didn't know what he was doing! Also I am looking for someone in the Nashville area who knows 5.0 mustangs and can help me get this thing where I want it to be under the hood. I am open to any suggestions by the way on what I should do. I would appreciate any help you guys feel like giving!

I'm in Nashville and had a 5.0 in a 95 a few years ago and might be able to give you an idea or two.  I can also give you the name of a  good mechanic as well as a good machinist if you are doing something more than just add ons.

I do not consider myself an authority on those engines, but I'd be glad to bounce a few ideas back and forth if it would help.

 ;D first off is the car all original?? does it have any aftermarket part? is it auto or stick ?? how is the car running right now?? another question is how fast do you want to go??? then maybe i can give you some ideas!!!! ;D

It is all orginal, 163,000 miles. runs really good for that many miles. No noises or knocks at all. CEL is on but had it looked at today and a full diagnostic only spat out 1 code that had to do with Thermactor. No biggie! the plan was to do a short block rebuild with a kit from Ford Racing, then a new set of GT40X Turbo heads with a COMP Magnum Cam and Eddlebrock Performer intake. I talked to a guy today at a shop here in Nashville that said he wouldn't waste the money on all that, he would just buy a new or rebuild performance engine form Summit or Ford Racing. he said I would save money. So now I am confused and don't know what to do. Any ideas or help?????????

Day Enterprises up in White House has a beautiful machine shop and builds engines for several NASCAR and BUSCH car drivers as well as a lot of engines for Drag Racers.  PM me for their  number.  They mostly like chevys but there is one ford enthusiast there.

There is also a good shop in Mt. Juliet called RPM that I hear does good work.

The problem with rebuilding your engine is that you don't know what the condition of the block or crank might be until you get into it.  A crate motor is expensive on the front end, but there are no surprises.

Cheap rebuilds from some shops are just that-poorly balanced with questionable tolerances and minimal attention to detail.


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