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Help, 2003 Mustang GT Brake Problem


I have a 2003 GT that has set for about 6 months. I drove it the other day and all 4 brakes started to bind-up and overheat. I pulled the front calipers and was able to push the pucks back thus freeing up the rotors. As soon as I pushed on the brake pedal the brakes locked up again. Now the brake light on the instrument panel is on and all 4 brakes are locked up. It almost appears that the parking brake is set, but it is not and was not set while the car set. Any ideas?

That's a head scratcher.  The only thing I can think of is your ABS system has crashed.  Call a flatbed tow truck and get her to a Ford house. 

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I think your caliper pistons rusted.

Maybe your sliders are seizing. Crazy that it's all four though.


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