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i got a 289 Engine in my car. I don hav the money to drop a new engine in there..

so im wondering wat i can do to make my car faster, it sounds like a monster but the speed isnt doing it for me.

please if you can held me

There is lots you can do but if you want to make it faster you are going to have to make it stop and handle the speed. I would start with a disc brake conversion, then rebuild all of your steering and suspension, and some sub frame connectors if you're really going to put some horse power into it. Then you can do some basic bolt-ons for more power. Bigger 4 bbl carb, aluminum intake, new cam, electronic ignition, headers, and if you really feel the need etc a new set of aluminum heads.

You need to answer some questions about your goal:
- Do you want acceleration speed? - Do you want top end speed? - Do you want handling speed?
As Tim indicated, brake and suspension upgrades would be the first steps.  Those are bolt on type upgrades and are relatively easy. Include an export brace and Monte Carlo bar.
When you get to the engine, you have three areas to be concerned about: getting a good fuel/air mixture in; using that mixture; getting the exhaust gasses out. The best way to get that is to get the engine rebuilt (it most likely needs that anyway) and include a performance cam, pistons and heads. That's the "using" part, the other two areas are bolt on, carb/manifold and exhaust. Any other major body modifications can be expensive and usually need a professional shop to accomplish.
Then comes the interior; seats, sounds and those other "touches". Take your time and do it right. A three year project is not unusual.

The first thing I would do is to change out the rear pumpkin gears to some 3:55's then see how that satisfies you.  If not enough, then the suspension and brake upgrades are a must before venturing further. 
Get back here after you change out those highway gears. 

iv done all the basic needs in changing the brakes suspension and all that good stuff. What i really want is acceleration speed. im not sure how much horspower i have so i cnt tell wat to do to it..

I got a basic 289 Engine with a 4 barrel carb, and edelbrok intake. can anyone do the math?


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