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Hello All


I am proud to be an owner of a 2007 Mustang Shelby GT500. Bought it in Jan. 07. Although the car is very fast as it is for me, I have been thinking of adding on a cold air kit and re-flash tuner. Has anyone done this to their GT500 and if so what are your findings on any noticable added power etc?
Would like to get some input before I spend the money. Love my car. Don't drive it much but when I do, it's usually just to get it out and run a few miles on it. Color is White / blue stripes.

Jerry Baker:
Welcome and post some photos of it.  I have a member in my club that has one and he has added some stuff but nit sure what I will find out and let you know

Welcome Bud, . Yes, photos, photos ! :-P


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