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Hi, i was wondering if anyone can help me with a delama im having...i wanna put an offroad x or h pipe on my car but everyone i call says it is illeagal to put on. does any one here have one on there stang and if so do u notice a improvement in sound and hp....thanks, oh yeah i have a 2004 GT.

They are illegal if you drive on the highway.  That's why they are called off road X pipes.  They are used on race cars and dragsters. Now, most states don't have a sniffer to sniff emissions during inspections, but if the inspector crawls under the car and sees you don't have Cat Backs (Catalitic converter)  you will fail the inspection.  They are not really worth the effort and expense in my opinion.  You can get a throaty rumble by using mufflers designed for that sound. 

I live in florida and i have 40 series flowmaster and they r OK but i want it more responsive on the throttle so i heard this was the cheapwst and best way to do that

It is because it bypasses the catalytic converter, but is illegal.  You don't need to be breaking the law by bypassing the converter and putting on an off road X pipe.  40 series are loud enough, but if you want something louder then check into cherry bombs and glass packs.   

there's some people that use MIL eliminators to get rid of the check engine light when running and offroad xpipe, I had that setup in my car long tube headers and offroad xpipe, i prob gained about 20-25 whp


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