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Have you dyed your dash pad or door panels?

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Hello. Do you know if dyeing a new dash pad is really feasible? I'm changing the interior of my '65 to white and the pads only come in blue, red or black. Anybody out there tried this? Did it look good and has it held up? Hate to mess up a $150 new part, but I really would prefer a white dash pad. Your insights would be greatly appreciated!   :roll:

YEs I have and it wasn't fun but it was well worth it when it was done. Make sure that if the dash is being resurfaced that it is sanded with the highest number you can find and don't just stop after you get tried. make sure the first coat is nice and light to get it sticky and then lie another one down about minute or so later and that will help it stick. STANG OUT

well most poeple use vynel spray paint. I use it all the time at work when coverning scratches in new pleather seat (plastic leather). works great, You really dont need to sand just make sure you have a clean surface, the reason you don't want to sand  is if the surface has a type of grain to it ,it will ruin the rest.

I amd going to re shoot my interior soon to give it that new look.

Hey rentascout thanks for helping help, keep it up.

Hey, thanks for the info guys. Sounds like it's good for touch up, but what do you think about Ford OEM vinyl white spray dye over the stock blue dash pad? (That's what the new one sitting in the garage is). When I wrote this question the other day, I was told my only dash pad choices were red, blue or black. Got a new catalogue yesterday with a "dyeable" (no color specified) dash pad listed in it. Everything else in the interior but the carpet and seatbelts will be white so a black dash pad seems a little "heavy" to me if I can make the dye work.

I saw a prep spray and a primer spray that go under the spray dye so would probably use those products.

What was hard about doing it?



I have been talking about this subject to a bodyman who works with modified import cars and he told me that spray paints for plastic or vinyl was the best solution. I saw the result of his work a year ago and it looked perfect. He changed the color of the interior panels from grey to blue. The car is still going to car shows but I can't tell you how long this would last on a daily driver.


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