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Have to fix arm rest

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Okay I have the drive side arm rest  broke of my 73 mach one with the arm rest that is built into the door panel. It has a slit crack int he arm rest and would like some tips on how to do a quick fix on it. I was thinking about using a heat gun to warm it up and try to smash it back down but if there is a easier cheaper way please let me know thanks. Stangs out

I know there is someone on here that can help with the quick fix on the door arm. STANG OUT

Super glue???  I don't know. I replaced the entire arm rest with a repop.   

 If you only have a crack you can probably fix it with glue or with a repair kit but it will never look perfect. Dallas Mustang has them for only $27, if they have the right color it might be a better solution: 1973 arm rest pad

The only thing I hate is I have teh deluxe door panel so the armrest itself it the door, so if it is jacked up then you have to get a whole new door not just armrest. I don't really have any good interior pics since I am still working on the exterior but you might be able to the crack. I did try one of those vinyl repair kits which helped take your eye away from it but still ugly and half @$$ed, and I don't roll like that.


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