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Hail Damage on Classic Mustang

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Anybody on this site had any success in removing hail damage from a classic mustang?

I have, but I do paintless dent repair for a living. Its not something you want to tackle yourself with no prior experience. Look up any PDR (paintless dent repair) services in your area. About where at do you live?

Aurora, CO. and thanks for the info. I'm lucky in a way because the hail we got was golf ball size. I'm parked under a tree and I do have a car cover on it, but some of them made it through. My damage is mild compared to what it could have been.

Yes sir you are lucky, the cover and the tree saved you big time. Also when chosing your repair person be sure to ask how long they have been doing PDR work, and for before and after pictures if available. I know a lot of people who do this service from a learn at home DVD coarse. And thier end result could be scary, and practicing on your car is not cool, ive had to re repair quite a few cars that were screwed up from  butcher wannabes

 A few ive redone had the paint cracked in spots that can only be seen by a trained eye at first, then a year later by the customer when the clear and base coat flake off and rust develops. I can honestly say it took me about 2 years experience before I was confident enough to tackle a hail damaged car. Ive been doing it full time 8 to 10 hours a day for 13 years now and speak from experience.

Talking about clearcoat damage.  What can be done to repair clearcoat that just keeps peeling off?  It is obvious that my 81 Ford F-150 truck had a new paint job on the hood a few years ago, and the clearcoat is peeling off.  What can I do to correct this? I bought this truck in this condition, and expect many Mustangs have the same problem. 


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