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Hey guys I know thierry Iam not suppose to post anything other than Mustang post, but I feel that I should give everyone an update on my Little cousin. He lost his fight with cancer on the 09 May 2007. I went to place him in his grave today so he can start on his next journey. I really want to say thanks for everyone who sent stuff and gave there insight on the events that happened. You never want to lose a 6 year old child, but you don't want anyone to suffer like he did. In Army terms Gunner was the best soldier the Army never got to train. Thanks again. STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
Im truely sorry to hear that.  Your family will be in our thoughts.

I am also very sorry about to hear that. This is a surprise for me. Racedraper gave us some news about him a few months ago saying his tumor was gone.
Don't worry Rentascout about posting messages not related to Mustangs. Gunner was part of our little familly too.

yeah race was correct it did die off for a mintue or so then it came back 100 fold and he was stuck in the wheelchair for his last couple months not eating a lick. I think you all for your support. I did get to get my car back and got my fenders on there and will be posting pics soon . Thanks again. STANG OUT

Hey rent . I wish you emailed me about this.  I would have gone to the services.

I am lost for words right now.


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