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I was looking at my email this morning and I got an offer and not sure what to do with it. A friend of my dads wants to trade an 65 coupe for my 73 and it is kinda of temping. As far as I know there is nothing special about the care execpt it is all finished and all orignal.  I would like some facts and thoughts on what I should do as soon as I get pics I will put them on here to see it.

Jerry Baker:
Ok I would have to see photos of this 65, but with out looking at it I would say no myself.  Im a fast back guy and they are worth more.  If your going to give the car to your daughter I think the 73 would be the one to pass on.   But thats just me

Jerry Baker:
also forgot to add yours is a Mach 1 that makes it worth alot more as well and that was the last year of the Machs.   we need to get together and park mine and yours together the 1st and the last years.

Ok I know they made the 03/04 but thats a newer model

Yeah I am looking on the know side and I would love to park mine next to yours that woul dbe great I hope to get it up here and go down and meet marty and the guys. I like to float around ideas to see what my other mustangs brothers feel about it. I think he really wants it but I get pics and put them on here for all to see. STANG OUT

here are some pics I am going to get the vin and run it to see it looks okay but the inside is ugly sorry if anyone has the same interior but I hate that color. I have more but think on thses


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