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--- Quote from: Russ on October 29, 2008, 04:09:22 AM ---Glen do you ever read what I type? I never said they were your friend anyone smarter than Motor Oil knows the basic concept of Business, to make money, I said that people dont take car of your cars nad the dealers really dont know how they are being taken care of but they try to sell them to you like they have never been rode hard, and that is bull. I think if you wanted a used one craigs list would be a good option but I was asking if there was anyone that had that inside info on the 09. I am really trying to get something going. Stang Out. Thierry what is up I didn't forget about you bro

--- End quote ---
Yes, actually I do Russ.  I have given you some advice that you can take or leave.  Obviously you  are  wanting to buy a new Mustang, and I can appreciate that desire.  I was only telling you that you could receive basically the same Mustang for thousands of dollars less.  If you get the 09, make sure it is the GT and not the pussy V6. 

Oh brother I will for sure get the GT I cannot stand when people get the MUscle car with the SIX it doesnt make sense, it is like wiping before you poop.

If you can get the right deal, I believe buying new is a great idea first of all because of the warranty and like others said, you don't know how the last owner treated the car if you buy used. For example I bought my 07 GT when they were clearing them out to make room for the 08s. The MSRP on my car was approx $37,000 CDN. I recieved about $5000 off that so I only paid $32,000 and not only that, they gave me an interest rate of only 1.3%. Especially if you do plan to keep the car for several years at least, why NOT buy new if you get a good deal? The only thing that hurt me is the fact that I owed $3800 in excess mileage on the lease that I had on my Mazda. Ford wrote me a check for that and put it in the loan. I would have had to deal with that anyway though.

Did you guys know that Quaker State has a program that if you register with them within the first 35000 Miles of owning your car and use only their oil from then on (keep all the receipts) they will warranty your engine for 10 years or 300,000 Miles. It's free to register... you just have to do your regular oil changes and use only their oil and keep he reciepts... good idea if you buy a new car.

That may sound like a good deal from Quaker State, but it usually is not the engine that craps out  before 300,000 miles, it's everything else on the car.  And, Quaker State is crappy oil to begin with.  If it is an extended warranty one needs, there are many companies who will extend your warranty.  I keep getting these offers in the mail from various companies. 


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