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I don't know what to think.  It certainly doesn't look like a Mustang to me.  I wouldn't throw it away if it was given to me, but I wouldn't buy one.  I see absolutely no resemblance to a '65 as he mentions.  I am really turned off by the lambo doors. 
Here is also a dream design for a 2013.  It looks more like a Mustang I would buy. 
Giugiaro's Mustang: A True Italian Stallion

2013 Ford Mustang Concept

The 2013 body style looks good. Very clean and similiar lines to the classic mustangs. Not a big fan of the Giugiaro Mustang. The lambo doors are a little too much and the style seems to take away from the mustang.

in south jersey you see lambo doors on two things lambos and piece of shit honda's deffiniate dislike on them and basically the rest of the car except those molded tail lights those are cool and they seamed to agree with me on the whole camaro look tooo although 500hp is cool in any form in my eyes

500 horsepower is too damn much ponies for a street car.  That's gonna get a lot  of kids in trouble.  My 305 ponies in my Mach1 is almost more power than this old man can handle, and I have over 50 years of driving experience. 


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