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getting the smell out of my GT

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I just got a 1992 GT and everything is flawless, EXCEPT the interior smelling like mothballs. The lady I bought the car off of kept enough mothballs in the damn car during storage to last a life Time!! Now I though a little cleaning up and some strong deodorizer would fix the problem, I guessed wrong. If you ride in the car for more than 10 min., you will smell like you just stepped out of your grandmotherís closet for the rest of the day! Does anyone have any tips? Thank you and have a great day!

Obviously, airing it out is the only solution.  Just take out the door light courtesy bulbs and open the doors while the car is in the driveway on good weather days.  You can thank the lady  for putting those moth balls in there to store it.  That is what we suggest you do.  Otherwise you would have massive damage from insects. 

That is what I have heard from people. Insects along with mice would have destroyed the interior! I have also heard to maybe try steam cleaning? How you think that would work?

Time - trust to time. In the meantime (pun intended), baking soda has the properties of removing oders so sprinkle some in the carpet and leave it there for a day or two, then vacuum it out. See if that works. Try a repeat.
Did you ever smell moth balls?




Did you . . hold them by the wings?

Alright well then I guess time will tell then! thanks man


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