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found it

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Finally found the one.1969 Mach1,351w,#s matching car.Can`t stand it,Two weeks till I get it.
needs some restoration,but well worth it.
Pics coming soon.

 Don't forget to post some pics :) Did you get a good price for it?

Why the 2 week wait?

I`m having it shipped and thats the soonest the carrier can get here.
Price was`nt to bad.I did`nt have a camara when I looked at it.
Like I said it needs some restor

If it hasn't been restored before, I can imagine it does need restoration.  Hell, it's 40 years old for Christ's sake.   :o
Restoring them is much of the joy in owning one though.  If it is safe to drive, then just take your time and do one project at a time.  Don't get burned out by trying to do it all at once. 


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