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1972 mustang fastback:
I have a 1972 mustang fastback i am restoring i need to put in new floor pans i was told to reinforce the frame first and if i didn't  the frame would bend. Is this true or false. Also if anyone had any tips for replacing the floorpans that would be helpfull

Joe AZ 2 PA:
I never replaced any on my own because I'm not handy with a torch and was always afraid of screwing things up. When I did have to repair or replace any parts of the floor or firewall area I took the car to a good shop that would take the necessary precautions. Not sure if this helped but good luck. . . . . 8)

1972 mustang fastback:
yea I am only 13 so I dont have much money and my dad owns a steel shop so I know how to use a torch pretty well. I just got the car to work on untill I can get my licence

When I replaced my floor pans in my 73 I drilled out the spot welds and cut out the rest.  I did one side at a time to resist body twist.  I did not do any reinforcing but I want to get subframe connectors eventually.
Here are some pics




hope this helps

1972 mustang fastback:
ok thank you that is helpful


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