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floorpan question


1972 mustang fastback:
I have now taken off the top part of the floorpan and when i put a new whole floorpan in do I need to get another one of those if i am not using the same seats

Rat Fink:
They sell a complete floor pan , from the firewall to the back seat or they also sell floor sections, depends on what you want to replace. Johns mustang in Houston has everything for your car.

you mean the seat platforms?

If you mean the platforms like thundertc64 said you do not need to keep them if you are getting seats that use different mounting holes.

It would be a good idea to keep and clean them and reweld them back in,they help in the support of the floor pans and help keep from twisting and flexing. I have seen them left out on some cars but not recommended.My 73 didn't have them in it when i purchased it and the seats bolted to floor pan I didn't like it, plus the seats will sit a good bit lower as well


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