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Fastback or coupe for the family


Hi all,

Looking to buy a 66 or 65 Mustang and have a twelve yo daughter and 7 yo son.  Will a fastback have less room than a coupe?  Not having really looked at a fastback carefully I am wondering if they are a bit smaller for the rear passengers.  Any other drawbacks to a fastback.  The reason for this is I have been looking at a lot of poor coupes and I have a chance at a good fastback.  I am in Sunny Queensland so I am guessing that the large rear window will drag extra heat into the car. (Fback has no AC).  To keep the wife happy this has to be useable for all of us.

If i could have done it over I would have my wife get a fastback for sure. you will always get your money back with one.. plus everybody has a def get a fastback and make a shelby clone if you want. as for room in the back ,its about the same plus with a fast back you can lay the seat down for those awsome outback sunseats that you and the mrs,s enjoy. hint hint :lol:
also you do know to check out the rust along the front floorboards and firewall,decause of the manufactering flaw, the fents in front of the window that allow the water to run off are mismade and lets water flow to the floors and not down the inner fenders.

Jerry Baker:
or nothing is the way I look at it.  They both have a small back seat.   Here in the states the factback is worth so much more and Im sure it is were you are as well.

Dear friend, A 65-66 fastback has less  leg and head room.  I have a 68fastback GT.  Just finished frame up restore on it. The reason I know is because my car was originally a coupe.  Turned into a Fastback GT Clone. Racedropper is right though.....GOOOO Fastback................... you can chek out my car in ther RSS directory it is the black mustang with the gold C-stripes on the side and 2- gold stripes on hood


Fastback all the way. The mustang never had alot of room in the back and you cannot really tell the difference in the room in the fastback to coupe, but outside is waht really matters. Everyone and their mother has a coupe but a fastback is where you will see all those heads turn towards you.


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