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factory or custom????????

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Okay guys I know that I get alot of views but the post are always the same four or five guys and now I am asking for everyones helps if you look at this post them atleast post something on it. I have an 73 Mach One that I know every one here wants,LOL.

  I want to know since it is so close to factory settings weither I should jsut go ahead and complete it all back or should I start changing it up starting with the paint.

  Now don't say custom for the sake of saying custom give me some facts or jsut good thouhgts on why or for that fact why not too.

  I hope that eveyone will help me in my thought proccess and I will listen to everyones thoughts. STANG OUT

what do you want to do? They only probelm with a custom care is that you loose money if you ever sell, unless you have a name on it like Foose or unique preformance are rad rods of troy. shoot they put alot of money in those cares like a complete suspension set up. but if I were make your car into your dream care. besides you need a head start cause my 429 is getting balance and blueprinted as we speak. Im guess around500 hp when done. so you better get it right unless ou want to e dusted .lol

Nah bro I know factory is the way to go and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO close that it isn't even funny but make sure you spell my name right on the pink slip but I will let you lose in fashion bro. LOL STANG OUT keep the post comming let me see what the rest of you guys got.

Custom, but that's just me . lol   Unless it's something rare. Make it show who you are. What you think is cool .

All depends of the budget you are planing to spend on it. There is no need to have a name like Foose or Rad Rods, sorry Racedraper  :-), to build a car with high value.
Look at the Ring Brothers, they were unknown until they built the Kona Mustang. They started from a regular 1967 fastback and the car sold at over a $1.000.000 on Ebay wich is a price that no Shelby, Boss 429 or other rare original Mustang ever reached.
There is no need to go that crazy but if you modify your Mustang with taste and quality parts, your Mustang won't loose any value.
The latest craze in Muscle cars is the Pro touring style. Classic Muscle cars with modern technology. I love them.
To learn more about them you can visit this site:


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