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Exhaust on a 95 5.0 GT


Mark from WI:
Hey guys Newbie here.  I do auto body work for a living and also do custom exhaust at the shop that I work at.  Currently we have a customer with a 95 GT and he wants to open the exhaust up on it.  We put Flowmaster Super 44's on it and he isn't happy with it.  It has a nice tone at idle but as soon as your give it some gas is quiets down.  We were thinking of taking the rear cats off and it should solve our problems but it has the Air Pump lines that run to them.  How would a guy go about doing anything with the cats.  I was thinking that I could just drill holes in the new pipe that I put in place of them and connect the lines to them.  Or is there an easier way?  He doesn't want to put straight pipe in place of the mufflers so that is out of the question.  He likes the sound of a Flowmaster but this just doesn't have the tone that I think is should.  Thanks in advance!

If you are running the stock pipes, perhaps a larger diameter tailpipe might improve the sound a bit.

A pair of High flow cats are a great way to improve the sound and reduce restriction in the system.  It adds a couple of hundred bucks to the cost though.

When dealing with the systems that use multiple inline catalytic converters I thought if you were going to remove one, that you removed the forward one though


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