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Exhaust manifold install- '66, I6, single exhaust

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I'm replacing the exhaust system. I have some questions regarding the exhaust manifold installation.

Between the manifold (new) and head surface, should I use a new gasket or should I use something like Ultra Copper Maximum Temperature RTV Silicone Gasket Maker? I've heard some people say to use the gasket, and some say to use the RTV.

Also, what about:
Manifold bolts (new): threadlocker (red,blue)? OR antisieze? OR nothing?
What should I use to clean the threads that the bolts go into?

Manifold studs (new): threadlocker (red,blue)? OR antisieze? OR nothing?

The intake manifold requires a gasket and if an exhaust manifold gasket came with your rebuild kit, I would use it, others would not - eh. I would not use any RTV or hi-temp liquid gasket maker stuff on the exhaust manifold.
If you want new bolts, try AMP Products for all kinds of hardware. The manifold kit has 22 items, p/n F-554, $18.00. I don't know what the 22 items are. There is a $30 minimum order.
Run a 3/8-16 tap into the hole to clean them up although it's not necessary unless the holes sat exposed to the weather or if there was a lot of crud when you took the old ones out. A high temp anti-sieze compound is OK, but not necessary. Don't bother with Locktite on anything other than studs and then use the red.

Ok. Thanks for the info. Here's some photos...

Those bolt holes look just fine.  You may want to spray a little silicon spray in there, but otherwise don't bother.  I would definitely use a gasket and get new bolts.  Torque them to specs and not over tighten them. 

Ok. Thanks.


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