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Any ideas of the possibility of an electric vehicle

Anything is possible, but as the article alludes, they will be too expensive for the average consumer.  We are hooked on gasoline powered cars right now, and until someone can produce a cheaper way of getting around, and also enjoy some power to do it at a decent price, then we are stuck with gas cars I'm afraid.  You come up with a car that produces 300+ horsepower for under 30K dollars and it runs on something besides gas, and I will buy it.  Until then, I'll stay with my current Mustangs.

I would never buy an electric Mustang. Whatever power it gives a muscle car without the sound of a V8 would never be a muscle car.
It could be interesting if it was solar powered but if you have to plug it every night, that energy would still come from a non environmental friendly source.

Yeah, either solar, wind,nuclear or ocean wave generated electric power would be OK for the environment, but if the electricity is generated by fossil fuels, then what are we gaining?  As you can see, there are some if, ands, and buts here regarding the production of electric powered automobile engines. 

I just can't see a mustang being electric, solar or anything else other gas powered.  All the electric or otherwise powered vehicles I've seen on tv going a max of 35-45 mph and I can't handle that.  Not when everyone else on the road is going anywhere 10-20 miles OVER the speed limit.  As it is I feel like I'm going to get run over doing 65 mph.


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