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Try the four legged type whiile you are at it.

The tech is out there, it's just not being sponsored by any of the big money and it's not for everyone.

The cost for this and similar EV's will not come down for quite some time as it's not being done by any of the big auto company's. 

There is a economic problem with changing from the current petrol based transportation, maintenance and distribution too quickly.  Eliminate petrol cars too quick and the huge economy around auto and petroleum sales & distribution and auto maintenance & repair will crash, eliminating thousands of jobs, because electric cars just don't have all the wear and tear, thereby lasting longer.

The distribution based on present tech could work with battery exchange stations like you do with your propane tanks for those that do long hauls.  Daily commutes is ready to go, but just not enough demand or funding from big money (like Congress).

Sorry for the long response... this is one of those soap box topics for me.

And you are exactly right.  We as a world, are just not geared up to change from an oil based supply of energy to a car that will give us the speed and miles we have to currently drive to get to work and take care of business.  I certainly don't see an airplane taking off with an electric engine at this point and time in our technology research.  Our cheapest way to transport goods is the modern day train.  Those engines are electric powered engines, but it takes diesel to generate the electricity.  If you have ever watched a 40 or 50 car train loaded down with thousands of tons of stuff being pulled by two engines, then you will quickly understand that it is not the diesel that powers those engines, but the electricity that the generators in those engines produce.  Now, if we can get an electric engine in a car that the batteries are powered by something other than dino fuel, then we may have something that will repel us into the next millenium.   

 Yes, no one cares about our planet if our economy depends on it. There is different kind of energy that could be used to generate electricity, like sun, wind, ocean tides, underground heat... The technology is here but it would be the end of the petroleum industry and our governments are more interested in money than our planet.
I would be the first one to drive an electric car to prevent pollution and drive a car like a V8 Mustang for fun on week ends but that won't happen before a long time. The first ones able to do so will be the rich people, the ones wasting energy to heat or cool their luxury mansions, inside pools...
Some of you may say or think that ethanol is the future but that's the biggest joke I heard and it's far more polluting than regular gas. Ethanol is only an excuse so we continue buying petroleum fuel and feel better about our environment.

I couldn't agree more about E85... what a joke.  Our politicians gave millions to allow companies to build out plants for this stuff, but all it did was provide a less efficient fuel and help drive up costs for corn, which drives up the cost of everything else that uses corn, like feed for beef, pork, etc. and soft drinks or just about anything else sweet.  I have a flex fuel mini-van and it gets at best 19MPG.  My previous mini-van was the same exact drive train but was only gas and got 23MPG at best.  That's a 17% decrease in MPG.  I thought I was doing something smart for the environment, but now I'm looking to get rid of it. 


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