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err.....wait. sorry didnt read the response right. lol. any way i can use used cooking oil?

No, used cooking oil is to be added to Diesel engines....not gasoline engines.   ;D

too bad it cant be for both. it be amusing to have the ppl behind you wonder why they smell mcdonalds hhahhahhhahhaha


--- Quote from: Thierry on June 30, 2008, 04:48:39 PM ---I would never buy an electric Mustang. Whatever power it gives a muscle car without the sound of a V8 would never be a muscle car.
It could be interesting if it was solar powered but if you have to plug it every night, that energy would still come from a non environmental friendly source.

--- End quote ---

Well, I would buy an electric Mustang if it was cheaper.  Right now they can produce an electric car for a reasonable price.

thierrys right unless your home was powered by say solar panels. but i dont think many of us have the money for that at the moment.


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