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what car do you have that gets 5 miles to the gallon?

Its a coin toss between my truck again depending on how i drive it etc, and my mach 1. still depending on how i drive.

good for you tim. now glen any place you know of out by dallas n what not?

No....I haven't lived in the Dallas area for many years now, but most likely if you get into the Yellow pages and look it up, you will find some in farming communities like Farley, Terrell, Wylie, etc.  Also check with Tractor companies like John Deer, Ferguson, Farmall, etc.  When I grew up on a farm in west Texas we used propane in our small tractors and pickups, so I know they  are available.  You just have to research.   

awesome thanks. :) ill look at my local tractor supply first.


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