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i can get propane for my tank?  :o

No, you have to buy a propane tank and put it in your trunk, then get a special system to hook up to your carburetor.  The neat thing about burning propane is it burns much cleaner than gas, so your engine lasts longer.  You can also switch back and forth from propane to gas just by hitting a switch. 

Propane around here is expensive, my family hates going to buy it for the grill!

You don't buy the little tanks that you use for grilling.  If you go to a farmer's supply house, (farmer cooperative) they have the 100 gallon tanks especially designed to be used with vehicles, and you fill it up at their site from their huge tank which is considerably cheaper than gas.

The most fuel efficient vehicle my family owns is my moms mercedes which gets about 25-30 depending on how she drives obviously. Other than that it ranges from 5-15 haha.


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