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I'm looking to buy my first mach1.Its a 1973 and the engine block serial # is D2AE-CA  3814 can anyone tell me if this is a mustang mach1 engine? the vin# tells me its a 351Q 4v car but how do I know its the original matching engine
Thanks for helping

If it is numbers matching, the same VIN will appear on the transmission.   But you never know.  If the engine was changed, and the transmission was also changed then you don't have a numbers matching Mustang.  If they do match, then that Q code is a pretty good find, and one worth keeping.  Hell, a Q code is worth keeping anyway.   ;D

so the VIN # thats on the dash is on the transmission? but not on the engine?

No, if it is a numbers matching Mustang, the VIN will appear on the engine and on the transmission as well as other places.  The most general use of the term “matching numbers” would mean that the engine and transmission are marked with the same sequence number as the chassis VIN number, and the rear axle/differential’s date code and casting number corresponds with the vehicle that's being checked.

do you know where the VIN# is located on the engine,transmission and body? Its a 73 Mach 1


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