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easy beef ups


I want to find out some goo tips to get some cheap and easy hores out of my 351C 2 V? I know a intake and carb and headers but don't know the little things that could really bost me up. I know I am not looking for alot becasue trying to keep it stock but alittle never hurt.STANG OUT

well when you get a new manifold use a dremel and smooth it out on the inside because when they are casted they leave them rough. its good for a horse or two, upgrade your ignition, MSD distributor, an new cam is only 138 bucks. what is your gearing? look at your rearend tag. if there is a 9 in the middle its a 9 inch the number before is your gear ratio. I lwas glad to see that I have a 9 inch but my gear ratio is super high 2.75 ,so I will be getting a 3.73 so changing it will do alot, and last and not least


Don't poke fun at the fat guy, lol. yeah I have the 2:75 POS and I want to get a 3:50 or 3:73. I will bore out the intake I hope to only use the cast iron for a little while until I decide to break the motor down and give it all new guts but still debating that for the fact of it has all facotry everything inside of it and don't want to lose the value, see I think I am thinking more about the value than what I want which is why I want to get one that I can go to town on.

  I know I can on this one but afaird of loosing value but to tell you the truth I can rip it apart and put it back with alot of ponies in it with out anyone really knowing unless they took it apart. Not to steer off the subject guys but when new qoutes come up and you get ont eh site do you see the little envolpe is it highlighted or not before they were but now I don't see them anymore and cannot tell when something has been updated.STANG OUT


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